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Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

The advantages of an uncontested divorce are significant.

  1. Saves Legal Fees: The contested legal process is laborious. Attorney are expensive because they have to spend so much time dealing with the morass of litigation - intensive, thoughtful client communications, communications with opposing counsel, court appearances, detailed, laborious written discovery requests and responses, depositions, motions, trial preparation and presentation. A hard fought divorce running the full gambit will consume 100 to 200 hours of each attorney’s time – 200 to 400 collective hours - depending on the case. The cost of this comes from the marital estate or from marital debt that will be allocated at the final trial or from family resources that could be invested otherwise.

  2. Saves Client Time: The client is immersed in this taxing process as well. The client will be communicating with the lawyer, reviewing emails, reviewing documents, participating in discovery – answering questions, producing documents – attending depositions and hearings and testifying.

  3. Prevents Frustration and Stress: The legal process is bureaucratic. Dockets are backlogged. Depending on your county, even with your attorney pushing the case, you may not appear on a final trial calendar for a year or longer from the time you file. And the end result may not be what you had hoped. No trial lawyer can guarantee what the judge or jury is ultimately going to do. We can offer predictions only. Going to court and dealing with the process is stressful and unpleasant.

  4. Prevents Further Damage to Your Relationship: If you have children, your spouse, who you may not like, or may even hate right now, is your life partner as far as co-parenting your children. Putting him or her through litigation – and embarrassing him or her at hearings and at trial – will only build animosity. Ideally, you and your ex spouse will have an amicable working relationship after the divorce so you can co-parent constructively. An uncontested resolution may help this.

  5. Potential Benefits to Children: Children do not like to see their parents fighting, whether married or divorced. They can sense stress. They want to see their parents behave kindly toward each other. An uncontested divorce may help put an end to the stress make moves things forward.

Client Reviews
“Thanks so much Mr. Hippe for a great job. Mr. Hippe helped me with a problem with the mother of my child, who would not respect my visitation. He filed the contempt and took care of the situation before the judge in Douglas County, securing a clear order than she cannot interfere with my visitation ever again. Thanks again!” L.R. Atlanta, Georgia
“My experience with Russell Hippe has been wonderful. The first time I called him, I was in a panic not knowing what to do. He was able to see me the very next day. Two days later he filed my divorce. It has been a long road to freedom but he was available every step of the way and his conservative billing style was much appreciated. He is truly a trust worthy attorney. I will definitely recommend him to others seeking a divorce.” M.G. Atlanta, Georgia
“Mr. Russell Hippe is a fantastic lawyer. He took charge of my case involving my step children and helped my wife get custody at a contested hearing. Thanks to him my family is far better off. The children are much happier and are excelling. I can give him the highest, best recommendation as family and trial lawyer.” J.P. Atlanta, Georgia
“I can give Mr. Russell Hippe the highest recommendation. He took my divorce case, did not push me into filing, but once I decided to file, he did a great job. My wife hired a top, super expensive divorce firm, but Mr. Hippe was better, in my view. He handled discovery and depositions skillfully and managed to get the case settled on terms favorable to me. He was fair in his billing, and I know he saved me a lot of money.” S.A. Atlanta, Georgia
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