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Atlanta Trial Attorney Russell H. Hippe, III Wins Max Jury Verdict in Commercial Litigation Trial – June, 2010

In Re:  Legacy Painting and Wallcovering, Inc. v. The Potts Company and Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America, Superior Court of Rockdale, Co, 2009-CV-1546-I.

Rockdale Superior Court, June, 2010.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the Plaintiff, secured a jury verdict in a four day jury trial in Rockdale County in the maximum amount, $139,408.  This was a breach of contract case involving a commercial development know as Sojourn as Cuscowilla at Lake Oconee.  The Plaintiff Legacy Painting, a quality painting subcontractor that operates in the N. Georgia area, was contracted by Defendant the Potts Company to provided commercial painting services for the project.  Legacy alleged that the Potts Company had breached the contract and owed them $139,000.  The Defendants claimed that the contract, which they had prepared, allowed them to “substitute Legacy’s workforce” and argued the Plaintiff’ work was substandard and was entitled to no monies at all.  The Defendants were represented by Super Lawyer George C. Reid, an excellent attorney with decades of experience.  As the Plaintiff in a conservative county, Mr. Hippe had an uphill battle but managed to prevail.  Mr. Reid commented after the trial that “Rusty kicked my tail”.  The owner of Legacy Jimmy Stone said publically “Rusty did a great job, he was fantastic”.  

Atlanta Divorce Attorney Russell H. Hippe, III Wins Custody Battle Against Super Lawyer Stephen Clifford – February, 2012

In Re:  Ed O. Hoosh v. Jill s. Hoosh, Superior Court of Dekalb County, 11-CV-2851-9.

Dekalb County Superior Court, February, 2012.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the Plaintiff Mr. Hoosh in a four day domestic trial, secured a dramatic victory for his client.  Ms. Hoosh, represented by Super Lawyer Stephen Clifford, argued that Mr. Hoosh should have less than standard visitation.  Mr. Hippe established at trial that Mr. Hoosh, a high level executive at a major bank, is a respected member of the financial community and is of excellent character.  The judge awarded Mr. Hoosh the visitation he requested, which was the crux of the case.  Mr. Clifford charged his client in excess of $80,000 for his representation.  Mr. Hippe, who was engaged after discovery and mediation was complete, charged his client less than $10,000 to handle the trial of the case.  Mr. Hoosh had this to say about Mr. Hippe publically after the trial.  “I was so happy after the trial.  Rusty did a fantastic job.  Thanks to him, I have a normal relationship with my daughter, the love of my life.  I owe him a tremendous debt.”  After the trial, Mr. Clifford filed a Motion for New Trial.  Mr. Hippe responded with a detailed brief supporting the court’s final order.  After a follow up hearing, the motion for new trial was denied.  Ms. Hoosh did not appeal.  

Atlanta Trial Attorney Russell H. Hippe, III Secures Dismissal of Client in Complex Federal RICO Case – April 2012

In Re:  NCI Group, Inc. d/b/a Metal Coaters of Georgia and d/b/a Metal Coaters of Mississippi v Cannon Services, d/b/a Sequoyah Metal Systems, Gary M. Goff, Lorri M. Coker, Golding Industries, Inc., Goldin Metals, Inc., Jack Goldin, Martin C. Goldin, Alan H. Goldin, Steven L. Goldin, Lonnie A. Carroll, Steven R. Byers, Darrell L. Coots, and Randy W. Froehlich, Northern District of Georgia, 09-CV-0441-RWS

Northern District of Georgia, April, 2012.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the key target Defendant Mr. Lonnie Carroll, secured his client’s dismissal without his client having to pay one dime in damages.  This was in a complex federal RICO case that involved millions of dollars of prospective liability and involved allegations that Mr. Carroll, a manager and trusted employee of the Plaintiff NCI, had deprived his employer of honest services and had improperly sold millions of dollars of discounted good to other defendants.  Mr. Carroll denied civil wrongdoing. The defense was challenging.  It involved application of the federal RICO statute, of federal criminal law, of federal privilege and other complex trial issues including the application of selective privileges and special objections within video taped depositions under the federal rules.  The strategy worked.  Mr. Hippe had this to say after the dismissal.  “I was fighting some of the best lawyers in the country on this case.  They were really after my guy.  I was right there with them, held by own in motion practice and complex discovery - high stakes depositions - and secured a great result for my client.  He will now be able to move forward in his life without the burden of some massive federal judgment.”  

Atlanta Divorce Attorney Russell H. Hippe, III Secures Client Release from Incarceration and then Wins Domestic Trial – Fall, 2009

In re:  Linda Grave Thompson v. Kevin Sean Thompson, 07-1-8187-18

Superior Court of Cobb County, fall of 2009.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the Defendant Mr. Thompson, was engaged after Mr. Thompson’s prior attorney refused to provide further services and withdrew.  At the time of Mr. Hippe’s engagement, Mr. Thompson, a good man, was in bad shape.  He was subject to a temporary order he could not pay and was under a contempt order of incarceration, which had been entered before Mr. Hippe was hired.  Mr. Thompson was arrested on a Thursday.  The next day, Mr. Hippe filed an emergency motion and secured his client’s release on a technical imperfection in the incarceration order, which kept his client out of jail until the matter could be properly considered.  A friend of Mr. Thompson commented, “You have worked a miracle. I think jail would have killed him, if he had stayed in over the weekend.”  The next week, Mr. Hippe was able to defeat Ms. Thompson’s firm Kessler, Schwartz in the follow up hearing to remove the threat of further incarceration.  He then went on to secure a favorable result for his client at the final trial.  Mr. Thompson’s final alimony, child support, and attorney fee obligations were far less than his wife had demanded in settlement discussions.  At trial, Ms. Thompson requested that Mr. Thompson pay $120,000 in attorney fees.  The court ordered $7500 to be paid.  Mr. Thompson said publically after the trial “Rusty, you are a great trial lawyer.  You dismantled their lawyers and their case.” 

Atlanta Divorce Attorney Russell H. Hippe, III Wins Paternity Trial Against NFL Player – February, 2012

In re:  Giusseppe Mendez v. James Andrew Davis, 10-CV-2184-10

Superior Court of Dekalb County, February of 2012.  Russell H. Hippe, representing the Petitioner Ms. Mendez in this case, secured a final paternity and support order against Mr. Davis, an NFL player who has played with the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins.  The case involved a petition to establish paternity and support for an infant child.  Mr. Hippe had this to say about the case:  “My client was a student who was struggling with the expenses of her baby.  She just wanted to be fair.  It was unfortunate that I had to take Mr. Davis to court and put him on trial to get basic support but that is what it took.  The case went on for over a year, and he never offered any kind of reasonable settlement out of court.  I had to put him in front of the judge to get anything from him, whether on a temporary or final basis.  All I can say is I hope he will pay his support and be involved in the child’s life, and so does my client.”   
Client Reviews
“Thanks so much Mr. Hippe for a great job. Mr. Hippe helped me with a problem with the mother of my child, who would not respect my visitation. He filed the contempt and took care of the situation before the judge in Douglas County, securing a clear order than she cannot interfere with my visitation ever again. Thanks again!” L.R. Atlanta, Georgia
“My experience with Russell Hippe has been wonderful. The first time I called him, I was in a panic not knowing what to do. He was able to see me the very next day. Two days later he filed my divorce. It has been a long road to freedom but he was available every step of the way and his conservative billing style was much appreciated. He is truly a trust worthy attorney. I will definitely recommend him to others seeking a divorce.” M.G. Atlanta, Georgia
“Mr. Russell Hippe is a fantastic lawyer. He took charge of my case involving my step children and helped my wife get custody at a contested hearing. Thanks to him my family is far better off. The children are much happier and are excelling. I can give him the highest, best recommendation as family and trial lawyer.” J.P. Atlanta, Georgia
“I can give Mr. Russell Hippe the highest recommendation. He took my divorce case, did not push me into filing, but once I decided to file, he did a great job. My wife hired a top, super expensive divorce firm, but Mr. Hippe was better, in my view. He handled discovery and depositions skillfully and managed to get the case settled on terms favorable to me. He was fair in his billing, and I know he saved me a lot of money.” S.A. Atlanta, Georgia
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